What type of magazines do you work with?

We only work with free publications we do not handle paid or newsstand magazines. Those must go through a magazine wholesale company. Our customers magazines are given away free and have no barcodes or pricing on the covers.

What are your costs?

We have no pre-set cost sheet. Each individual client has specific needs and requirements. We send you a detailed questionnaire that we request our prospective clients to complete before we send a final proposal. Then we can “tailor” our services to meet your needs based upon your specific information. Costs vary based on geographic location, publication size, frequency and several other factors.

How is TGS different from all the other distribution/publishing companies?

There are several reasons. We do not rent pocket space. We are a delivery company. We use your current distribution list or we create one for you and we merchandise your magazine or product in the field. We provide comprehensive audits to insure merchandisers are properly placing products as trained and we make adjustments as needed. We put the customer first. Without you, we have no business. It’s plain and simple. We are partners with our clients in making their business grow and succeed. We know as you grow, we will get more business from you.

Do I have to sign a long-term distributing contract?

Our typical contract is 1 year. This protects you from rate increases and it allows us to obtain a better understanding of your publication’s specific goals and needs. We strive to build long-term relationships with our clients. It is in the best interest of our customers and ourselves, that we continue to build our relationship and continuously better our service.

For distributing, when do I get billed?

Billing occurs at the beginning of each delivery period. We pre-bill for all delivery.

Can I pay for my delivery by credit card?

Yes you can, but there is a 4% additional charge for credit card processing fees. Most clients now pay through ACH or ETF direct from bank to bank.

For distributing, what if I am just starting out? Can you help me to understand what I need to print and how many locations I need to be in?

Absolutely, it is our specialty. We work closely with you to determine where you need to be and where you must be in order to make distribution effective. Based on your budget and your goals we help make the most out of your dollar to insure the advertisers are getting the most for every dollar they spend.

What type of locations do you deliver too?

We don’t have paid agreements with retailers to place racks and we don’t rent pocket space on a large community display. We customize your delivery to meet your needs and those of your advertisers. We don’t force you to go only where we want to go. We take your product where it’s needed. We use your provided racks or displays or in most cases, we place the magazines in the most visible location within the establishment. All magazines have different demographics, so we don’t make you use a list of established locations where we already go. We customize or tailor distribution to best suit the needs of your readership and advertisers.

Will my data be shared with other publishers or competitors? 

No everything we do with you is confidential. Your route lists are always protected and private. You should never share your distribution list with anyone once it is established.

How can I get started with TGS?

Just give us a call at (678) 627-8121 or email us at gmusgrove@tgsmedia.com. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you to make a decision on whether TGS is the right service for you.