TGS handles distribution, setup, display sales, auditing, market analysis, coaching and many other aspects related to the distribution of your product.  We can track your free magazine/products by location. We take your magazine/brochure/CD flyer to the public in major retail and business locations. We can provide displays/racks/outdoor boxes to place your product in the market for greatest visibility.

We help you target your correct demographics. We work with local businesses to insure the optimum placement that is available for your magazine or product. We provide a comprehensive reporting system that we developed and continue to update. We teach you how to sell your distribution story. Advertisers today want to know where their ads are being seen, in what zip codes, how many are being picked up and who is reading them. With detailed analysis we can provide you with specific reports and colored maps that explain your overall distribution footprint.

For a cost free proposal to distribute your product, please complete the questionnaire and then fax it to 678-669-2517. This questionnaire will help us to “tailor” a proposal just for your companies needs and targeted audience groups. No one works harder to make sure your magazine is in the best places possible.


List of Cities and Markets We Serve