Here’s the SCOOP on Going Digital.

Take Your Distribution Online— and Get Broader Reach for Less.

Maximize your reach more cost effectively with SCOOP, the new digital newsstand from TGS Media, your total distribution partner. Work with us and we’ll instantly make your magazine accessible to broader audiences across multiple platforms.

Join hundreds of magazines now available via the free SCOOP newsstand app from the iTunes store and Google Play for use on the iPhones, iPad, iPod Touch or Android.

Why consider going digital now?

There are several good strategic reasons:

  • SCOOP will give you, the publisher, even greater information about who is reading your magazine—with reports to show you which pages were visited, which advertisers were looked at the most, how many people looked at your magazine and how long they looked at it…among many other reporting features.
  • Readers can easily see your company name under the publication and access your other offerings with just one click.
  • Submission of your publication is easy, with quick upload.
  • All digital editions stay on the digital newsstand for a minimum of one year.
  • Scoop provides greater exposure of your magazine offerings to readers from a broader spectrum than print…and worldwide exposure for you and your advertisers.
  • Make the most of your print edition by delivering your digital edition to a greater audience than your own website—while simultaneously driving readers back to your website for additional content or events.

SCOOP puts your publications in their hands—quickly and economically.

  • Easy Purchase. Customers can purchase and download magazines using their iTunes Store or Google Play accounts.
  • Read It Anytime, Anywhere. Subscribers can read downloaded magazines wherever they go via iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or Android smartphone..
  • Search for Favorites. Users may browse magazines by time of release, top download, category, editions, past issues and keyword of their favorite title(s).
  • Navigate Simply. Page navigation jumps to any page, zooms in/out, indicates location on page and offers landscape or portrait view.
  • Interactive Advertising (coming soon!). Users click on ads for rich media or deeper content, increasing the effectiveness of your advertisers’ spend.

This is an incredible way to maximize each issue for a small price,
so call us today…and get your next issue on SCOOP!