Let’s Talk Nonprofit and
Charity Distribution.

Since 2005, TGS Media has partnered with multiple nonprofit and charitable organizations. We’ve built a solid distribution platform to help charities promote their events at affordable rates—with professional drivers and delivery reports that ensure visibility and delivery.

As an experienced turnkey distribution service provider specializing in POP and custom distribution programs throughout North America, our distribution service starts with a program manager who works directly with your event coordinator to ensure that local event POP brochures, posters and other event marketing pieces are successfully distributed to their target demographic audiences. You’ll pay only 50% upfront—and 50% when your distribution list is returned to you post-delivery!

We currently serve over one million retail and professional locations nationwide—giving us the unique ability to enhance reach and frequency for upcoming events throughout your community.

One Source. Many Locations.

TGS Media can manage and distribute your charity materials to existing locations—or build a targeted list of stops tailored to meet the unique needs of your demographics. We have operations in 28 states and in more than 58 markets nationally—and we already work with some of the largest philanthropic organizations in the country.

We’re ready to partner with you on everything from distribution to warehousing and physical placement—even if you’ve got multiple materials in the mix. Give us a call today for a free, detailed cost analysis tailored to your organization’s needs.

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